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We're a bi-monthly magazine,  usually only in print, but here's an online sample. We're now the only disability rights-oriented magazine put to printed page, and that is our focus. The Ragged Edge, the other one, recently went to web only, and is the place to go for the latest news and articles if you prefer the free and complete coverage via accessible web. If you are looking for something in particular from classic Mouth issues (2-3 years before now) the Google site search feature works well. Full text of all Mouths, for a price, is available from Qualified potential volunteers to aid in building and maintaining a comprehensive, assessible, up-to-date website may apply to me (Cal) at

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Downloadable posters in PDF format for you to print yourself, or have printed in larger size.

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Help yourself to three free Expect the Respect poster downloads.

To kick off a new year, Mouth launched a campaign to Expect the Respect. Let's all counteract the way people hide their disability or apologize for having it. (We'll never get anywhere doing that.)

So: Expect the Respect! We'd like to see that idea spread.

Download the same three pdf files we use:




Take the disk to Copymax like we do (or Kinko's) to get the posters made, as many as you like -- each one is 11 x 17 inches -- for less than $2 each. Lamination costs about as much per poster. (We recommend it so you can tack or tape your posters up anywhere and move ’em when the mood strikes you.)

Or make your own Expect the Respect poster and email us a pdf file of it. We'd love to see this idea keep spinning any whichaway. Feel free to use any of the art elements we used, or start from scratch. Bend it, shape it, color it, make it sing.

Whatever you do, get the word out: Expect the Respect!



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Reader responses

A note from the editor: I miss Ed Roberts. Since he passed, there's nobody I can call late at night to get a party of a conversation. The Ed Zone, Billy Golfus called it. That zone was a reliable, portable upper. Ed was a seriously truthful guy, and laughing all the way.

For the articles which follow, I took huge editorial liberties: ransacking a number of sources, shown below, picking them apart to weave a conversation.

Although he may never have said it all in one day, every word and every sentence is Ed's; none is taken out of context.

Ed knew I'd never misquote him anyhow. After the first article where he was my subject, he didn't bother to fact-check the ones that followed.

Many of us wish he were here. I hope this conversation brings him close enough so that some new friends hear his voice. -

Lucy Gwin

Part One:
How to Live Longer

Part Two: The Tao of Ed
from his talks and interviews

Part Three:
Our Man on the Moon

Part Four:
Independent Living, Born on Campus
the origins and the purpose of Independent Living,
as told by Ed Roberts

Sources: interviews with Ed for Mouth and New Mobility by Lucy Gwin; Timothy Pfaff's profile for California Monthly; interviews by Susan O'Hara for the Bancroft Library; Jon Oda's transcript of an Ed speech; and finally, most importantly, a video of Ed's talk to the very first Partners in Policymaking weekend. Get in the Ed Zone on the web site of the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities.