Beware the Poetry
Part Four

by Fred McBee
with illustration by Mike Brown



Nazi Nurse

Here's a masterful drawing of a nurse, eyes glittering, hypodermic at the ready. She has a nazi emblem on her cap and she's holding a chart with the poem on it. The poem reads: She's a health care Nazi with her briefcase and her purse... She's a health care Nazi, the insurance company nurse. She's the first to see you, pretends to be your friend, overrules your doctor. She'll kill you in the end. "Listen, you can trust me, I'm your rehab nurse. Now which is more cost-effective -- a transfusion or a hearse?"

This poem first appeared in Mouth #26, the "Our Homes" issue, way back in July of 1994.

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Fred McBee wrote it in 1994, before the advent of managed care. Can we call him a visionary?