Here's hoping it never stops.

the postcard shows a riot of a colorful house that's painted with a mural and has a couple of red porches and is surrounded by a riot of a garden full of blooming sunflowers.




The postcard at left arrived from the Tacoma (Washington) Catholic Worker Guadalupe House of Hospitality. One of Mouth's readers, Bruce Triggs, lives there or at least works there. We can't keep track but it looks like a... dream come true, a true house of hospitality! Could people actually LIVE there?

It's a letter that says, Dear Mouth: I gave a paltry $5 out of my SSI for a subscription and I got listed in the Friends Forever column! Enclosed is my check for $20. I'm hoping for the front page in the next issue. Serious, the survival of Mouth is a necessity, even if I don't agree with 100% of everything in each issue. Sincerely, Steve Weiss of Portland Oregon, and PS. Loved the Gidget Goes Ballistic cartoon!


cartoon captioned, "Coming soon... to a school near you! Gidget Goes Ballistic shows a smiling soccer mom kind of mom with dynamite strapped to her waist and a detonator in her hand. Her eyes look a little... crazy!

Sorry you got edged off the front cover, Steve, but here's your lovely Gidget again.

somebody has copied his Share-A-Smile Bendy toy onto an official fax cover sheet from his Center for Independent Living. Bendy is smiling of course. The writer, Joe Caviano, says, "Lucy, we love the Bendys and now everybody wants one. -- Joe"


And here comes incoming that's custom-made to make us laugh -- maybe the best kind. Note our fax number: 785-272-7348. The editor loves faxes, hates phone calls and now hates emails too.

Here's the secret of that: Responsibility, we believe, is the ability to respond. When the phone rings, a response is required NOW, right this minute. Faxes are more patient.

And when way many people call us, write us, fax us, we can't keep up with our responding responsibilities and still do our day jobs -- putting out a magazine, doing the magazine's business, plus maintaining two websites and the whole Freedom Clearinghouse.

["There are only two of us here at the Mouthhouse," she wept.]

So we really do love you all. Please know that if you don't get a response, we're just buried in responsibilities.


The back cover of the magazine pictured says, "This zine promotes queer sex," then there's a CENSORED patch, then, "and the advancement of amputees everywhere."The front cover of the magazine shows a drawing of a one-eyed, three-legged dog on its hind legs, about to jump through a fiery hoop. The name of the magazine is Ring of Fire, issue #3.

And here comes the next generation of disability zines. Come one, come all. Welcome! We hope you get as good a jolt out of it as we do.


PS. As you all know, we rarely censor ourselves, let alone other people. But lots of kids and parents are reading Mouth now, so we covered up a term that incorporates the F word. Since we believe that all words are created equal, we hate doing that.

Anyways, love to you all from
Lucy and Cal and LaVonnda
and all the readers, writers, artists, photographers, correspondents, donators and newsclippers who make the Mouth what it is -- whatever that is.



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Scott Chambers drew the Gidget Goes Ballistic cartoon.

To order a copy of the new and brilliant Ring of Fire (this zine shows so much promise that we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Mouth's successor) send $1.50 plus postage to Hellery Homosex, Ring of Fire, PO Box 23026, Seattle, WA 98102-0336.