You'd rather read cartoons than bad news?


in a cartoon captioned "Eugenic Surgeon," a guy with a chainsaw has the bell curve up on sawhorses and is slicing off its ends.


A fairy godmother has appeared to a man in a wheelchair. She says...
"Let me get this straight. I grant you one wish and you ask for a new wheelchair?"

At one end of the office, a genuinely happy man does a happiness ballet while his psychiatrist says to the poor wife...
"I see what you mean, Mrs. Burns. Perhaps we'd better ease up on the antidepressants."

*Scott Chambers, cartoonist and visionary, may be reached via email at Mouth bought the rights to use these cartoons first, but Scott holds the copyright to them and often draws for (sob) other publications as well. For more info, address him directly.

maybe now that you've had dessert,
you can read the main course