Checks the Mugs

starring Dick Tracy

as created and drawn by the immortal
Chester Gould

copyright 1989 by Tribune Media Corporation,
used with permission

Dick's talking to his wrist radio again. He says, "So let's have a look at the mug shots." The radio replies, "Dick, they are everyone! We deserve their respect. And if anyone can get through to them, it's Mouth's readers!" D


cartoon of a reporter who's been there, done that.




Teach the Star Reporter about disability? Go on, flap your jaws. He sees right through you. You can call it a civil rights struggle, or oppression, or injustice, but the real trouble is there foranyone to see:

You people are all buggered up and you don't like it. Who would?




cartoon of a terrified-looking woman.





Joanne Q. Public can't hear a word you say. Caught in a dither between pity for your plight and the bone-deep fear that you might ask for help with a special need, she freezes.

Her real terror? That she could catch whatever it is you've got.


Cartoon of a know-it-all-already doctor.





The Doctor didn't go through years of scientific training just to listen to you, a total amateur, babble on about your health!

This doc is either an expert on cases like yours or cheerfully refers you to someone who knows the special needs population. It's fortunate there are places -- and drugs -- for people like you.


Cartoon of a nervous do-gooder.






Accustomed to doing things about you without you, the Social Worker is so uncomfortable in your actual presence that he throws himself into the work of your normalization.

Need we say more?


Cartoon of a mirror.





The Slowest Student of All is a little closer to home.

When will we figure out that it doesn't matter if we're mental cases or gimps or retards or ABs -- we're all in this together!


Note from the weary editor:
Each of the mugs shown above represents an article -- or, in some cases, two -- in the September 2000 "Teaching Disability" issue of Mouth magazine.
I'd love to bring them all to you right here, but just getting a few pages from this complex and colorful issue onto our website took way too much time.
We hope you'll go to the Attitude Catalog and buy all 48 useful pages. For $4, you can't go far wrong.


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