Mouth #61 takes on the testy subject of Teaching Disability, and we're talking real world teaching, not the classroom kind.

Detective Dick takes a look at successful methods Mouth's readers use to teach tough audiences like reporters, doctors, a state official, and the educable public.

No, the public is not profoundly educable. But Dick will find a way.

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Dick Tracy was created and drawn by the immortal Chester Gould

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Your Child May Be at Risk cartoon by Clay Butler...

Teaching Disability
The Case for Deviance starring Dick Tracy
Reaching the Press by Larry Biondi
Teaching the Attorney General by May Terry
Teaching Joanne Q. Public by Teresa Torres
Teaching the Doctor by Mary O'Brien -- see link below
Disability Awareness Day cartoons by Scott Chambers
Teaching the Do-Gooders by Dave Hingsburger
Teaching the Really Tough Cases by Eleanor Omans
Teaching the Good Old General Public by Barry Corbet
The Case of the Dim Bulb an editorial cartoon in the Dick Tracy style
The Magic Bullet by Art Blaser

Link to follow Detective Dick's investigation of The Case for Deviance


The author of our "Teaching the Doctors" in this issue, Mary E. O'Brien, has a website guaranteed to crack anybody's civilized veneer and go straight for the heart.

The Washington Post did a beautiful photo essay on ADAPT and what they're fighting for, MiCassa. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll want to.

Our friend, the young Kyle Glozier, spoke at the Democratic National Convention in August. Here's the text of an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and photos to die for. It's a good example of how the press does, occasionally, get it about disability.

Steve Brown, the be-all and end-all and certainly the Brown-all of disability culture, keeps a cache of manifestos here.

Johnny Crescendo, the brilliant bluesman/activist, has a London website where you can hum along.




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