translations from Systemtalk by Barbara Knowlen

We are here... to implement your self determination.

These are... our eligibility criteria.

Our mission is... to provide services that improve your life.

You will discover your rights... by researching the law.

You have been admitted to a care facility. We will do our best to keep you safe and comfortable around the clock.

You have achieved your treatment goals.

You have not yet achieved your treatment goals.

You are not accepting... your disability.

Disability is... abnormality.

Specific to the Social Security Administration:

Our claims reps view themselves as... serving the needs of our claimants and beneficiaries.

Our claims reps are trained to give ... all the information you need.

... to make decisions for you.

... their elimination criteria.

... to perpetuate their jobs and salaries, their agency’s existence.

... by demanding and enforcing the rights you already know you have.

You have been captured by the enemy. Be on guard for neglect, abuse, and incompetence or you will die here.

Your insurance has run out.

Your insurance has not run out, and the administrator still has payments to make on her BMW.

... second class citizenship.

... a normal part of life.

... protectors of taxpayer money and public morality.

... only the information you specifi­cally request — in writing.