And on this page, offerings from the walls of three Pennsylvania friends.


from Judith Gran’s office wall in Philadelphia Judy adds, in a note to us, “It’s taped to my bookcase so that I will see it every time I enter my office. This is to remind me that my job is to do whatever it takes to free people from institutions, to keep people out of institutions, to persuade judges and hearing officers that students with disabilities belong in regular class, to hang in and persevere until states create decent community services, ’til everyone... ” Her list goes on, and we bet it looks a lot like your own.

If at first (or second or third or whatever) you don’t succeed, try another way.

from Tom Gilhool’s office wall in Philadelphia

All these things I probed in wisdom. I said,
‘I will acquire wisdom,’ but it was beyond me.

What exists is far-reaching; it is deep, very deep. Who can find it out? — Ecclesiastes 7:23-24

from Josie Byzek’s wall in Harrisburg