There’s got to be a Mouth. There’s got to be a way. We will help you find it.

We’d like to help sustain the Mouth. We’ve written our credit card information below. Charge our account for $ _______ once a month for ______ months.

(Several readers did, which brought our standard monthly disparity substantially lower. Yay!)

standard monthly disparity. (One reader did this and bought us a month of freedom!)

Heres $900. Buy a less-broken Mouthmobile. A Proposal to Nonprofit Groups

Heres $685. Make a MouthHouse payment. Some groups can’t, because of

(Readers made two of them!) one rule or another, make donations.

Heres $631. Pay that bill for the sewer backup. You can still help keep Mouth’s head

(One reader did.) above water by filling in these blanks:

Heres $478. Pay that bill for the radiator. (Two readers did. So we paid for the carburetor too.) Send us an invoice (check one)

Heres $100. I know you have a stack of other bills. once

Pay one that wont wait. (Many readers did. There’s a stack of them, still waiting.) or annually

Heres $50. I’m on a tight budget

but there’s got to be a Mouth! or quarterly

Other $________ for___________________________

We thank you very, very much. — Lucy, Cal, and everyone

who depends on the Mouth ______________________________ (NAME PRODUCT OR SERVICE HERE. EXAMPLES: TRAINING, CONSULTING, OUTREACH MATERIALS)

in the amount of $ ___________.

Hurting yourself to help the Mouth
is absolutely prohibited. Do NOT
send your food stamps!!!



• Please make checks/money orders payable to Mouth. • Organizations can use this form as a purchase order. We will invoice, but not for amounts under $48. (Bookkeepers like to know our non-profit FEIN#: 81-0477414.) • Your donations are tax-deductible. Thus, like it or not, we will send a receipt with our thanks to each rescuer.
Expir. Date _____ /_____ Signature Daytime phone number • Or charge _____ Visa _____ Mastercard _____ Amex _____ Discover Account # _____________________________________________________________

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