Kick Ass and Win is a classic by the woman who knows VR best, Barb Knowlen. 90 pp of easy-to-read instructions on how to operate Voc Rehab rather than have it operate you. VR counselors would love to ban this book, but once they see you with it, they’ll roll over and beg for mercy. Absolutely in-freakin-valuable. $14 Order # VR-BK

Do-It-Yourself PASS Kit is a binder-full of how-to written and assembled byPASS Barbara Knowlen. Everything you need

to use Social Security’s Plan to Achieve Self Support. A PASS plan can generate thousands of dollars toward what you need to get the job you want or start a business. 150 pp in a lay-flat binder plus the new SSA regs, forms, all translated by the woman who’s trained Social Security officials in the PASS process. Yes, you can. Here’s all the help required. $54 Order # PASS