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too are broke but we can always find something for Mouth.” He added, “We had Barb Knowlen here in No­vember. She rocks.” Ain’t it grand when good people connect!

Then a big name in human services reform sent a big check (but wants to keep a low profile) and said this: “While I still think you should be a little more accepting of the imperfecti­bility of the world, and the shortcomings of human nature, I would miss Mouth if it went under.”

The Bootherium Bombifrons Memorial Fund (named for an extinct yak) is forwarding some much-needed support on a monthly basis, and told us the donor had designated this gift “to keep the Mouth wide open.” Thanks to the yak people for allowing us to yak on.

Carolyn Tyjewski sent a note, “You know, I gotta have my Mouth.”

Thank you one and all, most especially the hardship subscribers who added two dollars or ten to their re­newal checks. We know that ain’t easy, and want you to know that not one dime of it goes for extravagances you’d never be able to afford yourselves. We sure do love you all.

This time, a whole bunch of folks won’t let us thank them publicly. (Does associating with Mouth taint their reputations?) So here are the names of most who contributed their help to haul us out of deep water:

Marion Weitershausen

Peggy Englebert

Alyson E. Perry

Carol Cutler

Justin & Yoshiko Dart

Duane M. French

Betty Schwieterman

Gayle Kranz

George Greider

Carla Baron c/o ILRC

Barbara Peskin

David Kracht

Farren Epstein

Ann Carrellas

James L Germer

Geoff Lobenstine

Bruce F. Triggs

Kathy Macartney

David Pitonyak

Nancy D. San Carlos

Steven Marshall

Dr. Mary Cerreto

Adrienne Baranowitz

Reiko Hayashi

David G. Pfeiffer

Peter Leidy

Marilyn Schuster

Bill Shumaker

Mrs. Susan Schwartz

Philip E. Chase
Sarah Fliegel
Marlene Hayes
Brooke T. Jaqueth
Carolyn Schwebel
Mary Ulrich
Susan Barnhill
Kirby Randolph
Linda C. Richman
Diana Lawrence-Brown
Brenda Klauditz
Laurie Meech
Marilynn J. Phillips
Northern Regional C I L
Satsunder S. Khalsa
Greg Long
Karen A Yust
Karen Lassek
Becky Bowden
Valerie Hiebert
Dan R. Dickerson
M. A. Elks
Regina Dyton
Mental Patients Liberation Alliance
Jean Stelling
Neil Vanover
West Suburban Access News
Joel Sheffel
Joyce Ringer
Caroline Champlin
Nancy Weiss
Jack R. Pealer, Jr.
Angela Folie



traveler alerts

Joelle Brauner

Anet Mconel You may have noticed that

Mouth doesn’t publish much about Joyce Tepley travel. Our thinking: Most of our Janet Perdott subscribers have a hard enough time

getting out to the library, let alone Jean Bowen/WeCAHR to a dining experience. Lisa Holm But one of our subscribers,

Candy Harrington, publishes a Kathy O'Dicent great magazine on accessible travel Carolyn Briggs for “wheelchair users, scooter users,

and slow walkers.” It’s called Robin Jones Emerging Horizons, and you get Andy Pereira four unbiased, no-ads issues a year for $14.95, illustrated with their Sandy Weber own excellent photos of places to Kathleen Kleinmann go, things to do. (What a deal!) Sign up for the magazine toll-free at 888-Jody Anderson 795-4274, or at their website, Drew & Susan Metheny www.EmergingHorizons.com. Candy and husband Charles ML Mahler test-drive all the travel they suggest, for instance listing every hotel and


We call Barb Knowlen

the greatest advocate in

America. She and Michael

Knowlen run the Barrier

Breakers website, posting

daily-updated action alerts

plus what Barb calls “tons of

information” — and it is —

about the Plan to Achieve

Self Support (PASS) and up-

to-date Social Security regs

for operating it. We think

you’d also enjoy the Social

Security chat room, and links

to other websites. Go gettum.


motel in Eastern Missouri with roll-in showers and guaranteed reservations. Hey! You wouldn’t go to an inaccessible hotel, would you? Another listing does the same for Delaware and Maryland, and one article tells what airlines offer discounts for personal care attendants.

Each issue profiles one or more glamor destinations — London, the Virgin Islands, Australia’s Gold Coast — with the brass tacks of its accessibil­ity written in Candy’s straight-from-the-shoulder style. Which hotel offers a wheelchair you can use on a beach? Which ones don’t offer accessible shuttle buses? Can you take the ferry that crosses Delaware Bay? Are there accessible trails near Lake Tahoe? What can you do if an airline strands you?

Mouth also recommends Candy’s book, Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Wheelers and Slow Walkers. Use the same contact info.