How strong is your anti-stress network?

Your Five-Minute Stress Screening

by Judith Lerner

For each of the following statements, score your response using the following scale:

disagree: 0
agree: 5
strongly agree: 10

1. There are at least some people who don't think my child's disability and/or behavior are my fault. ______

2. I don't have to jump through flaming hula hoops to enforce my child's rights. ______

3. When my family has reached the cap on our health insurance, there is someone who will gladly pay my child's medical bills. ______

4. When I need a ride to the emergency room for the fourth time in a week, there's someone I can call. ______

5. I can usually count on professionals to give my child knowledgeable, sensitive, caring assistance, and to listen to what I say. ______

6. When I want time for myself -- for sports, music, a long walk -- there is always someone available to provide respite care. _____

7. I feel I'm part of a community that understands my problems and shares my outlook. ______

8. When I'm screaming, crying, and thrashing around with anger and frustration, there is always someone ready to give me a massage and administer hot tea. ________

9. I feel that the school district understands and supports my efforts to obtain a free and appropriate public education for my child. ______

10. My child has a nice social life and I do not have to hire his/her friends. ______


If any of your answers scored a 10, check the following:

1. Did you accidentally double your normal dose of medication?

2. Are you delusional?

3. Did you die and go to heaven?


If your answers scored less than 10, we suggest that you:

1. Call your legislators today.

2. Don't be afraid to demand.

Form a Mothers From Hell support group in your area today.

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