voice of the dis-labeled nation          volume 14     number 5    january/february 2004

what it is.  MUST BE A TRICK TO IT

ADAPT's Gilberto. Photo by P. Sue Kullen. In the complicated world of iffy rights and maybe-entitlements, there is always a trick to it. Folks who helped with this issue, long-time advocates, have learned a bundle of tricks, many so wise we can’t wait to use them. All were field-tested in real life conditions, most are free, and the most expensive of the lot costs about $15.

Starts page 10 with a recipe for refusing to be the victim.


Power News

Quick Bites

Media Freakin' on Terri Schiavo

Scott Chambers detects Professional Humor

A Moment in History

The Cannibal Cookbook


Own Where You're At

Expect the Respect

Get It In Writing

Catch "Em with their Feet in their Mouth

Documents to Watch Out For

Raise a Kid with Attitude

Go to Meetings Primed & Ready

Come Out with your Mouth Shoutin'

Play your Due Process Trump Card

Sue 'Em All, Let the Courts Sort 'Em Out

You Gotta Love 'Em — and Fight 'Em Too

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Keep Your Health Insured for $1.00

Call in the Loose Cannons

Cut the Quack



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