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March-April 2000

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March-April 2002


painting of an angel sitting in a comfy chair. Her wings extend over the back and into the great beyond.

The angel at left arrived via email on 03/25/00 from Melina Fatsiou-Cowan, an artist who lives in Alabama. She is also an advocate with Freedom Clearinghouse.

Melina called this "my last painting of the last millenium." We call it Melina's Millenium.

Some of you may have seen her work in New Mobility magazine a few years back. You can reach her at


photo of protester at Federal Courthouse in Little Rock. His sign says, "Don't tread on the ADA."

Here's one of the photos by Vikki Stefans from the March 2000 Mouth.

First review

graphic arrow pointing right

of Mouth website!!

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 21:49:55 -0600 (CST)
From: "Vikki A. Stefans" <>
Subject: Re: [altmp]

I just got my issue of Mouth this month and they summarized the situation as the Alsbrook case being settled in favor of Alsbrook because Mark Pryor [Attorney General, state of Arkansas] was impressed by the ADAPT rally and changed his mind. (I'm paraphrasing badly...I lost my copy, which also contains the first photographs I have ever had published -- sniff.) The other case also settled apparently for similar reasons, and the case that might come up next is apparently re a woman who was canned from her job because she had breast cancer- likely a very sympathetic one for "our side." [Vikki refers to two cases of states rights vs the ADA which were to have been heard in the U.S. Supreme Court. Both settled.]

Mouth also emphsized education generally stating that schools are doing poorly and forcing parents to be the enforcers of Least Restrictive Environment and Free and Appropriate Public Education rules.

For some visually fantastic and intellectually stimulating surfing, do check out and its sister sites. MOUTH is the best, hands down. It is even text accessible despite some of the most fantastic graphic art I have ever seen.

[signed] Vikki Stefans, pediatric physiatrist (rehab doc for kids), e-mail junkie, working Mom of Sarah T. and Michael C., and wife of Henry "My Travel Agent", Arkansas Children's Hospital/ U of A for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, aka ...and EVERY mom is a working mom! (OK, dads too.)

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