Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:08:38 -0800
From: Jana Overbo <jana@ilrcsforg>
Subject: Living a Life!


Hello Mouth!

I am counting on you and all who read Mouth  to keep the disabled community focused on those of our disabled brothers and sisters who are warehoused in institutions.

I am working at assisting people out of institutions into the community (with the Independent Living Resource Center in San Francisco). We have a monster sized (1200 beds) nursing home called Laguna Honda Hospital. Since it takes such a huge chunk of money to keep it up and running it leaves very little for people to "choose" how and where they receive their services. It doesn't seem like much of a choice if it is "nursing home or the street"...

Please keep the MOUTH as strong and honest as always and I urge every activist/advocate to be aware of the Laguna Honda's in your community!


Jana O. San Francisco, CA <>