These cartoons about day-to-day institutional life first appeared in Mouth magazine #51, January 1999.

So far, no one has told us they're reprehensible. When that happens, we worry.

title reads You Know You're Not Home

by Neil Marcus and Scott Chambers

Cartoon shows you in a bed on casters. You look a little bit shocked to be awakened at this hour. Another dweeb is mopping your floor.

Cartoon shows someone under the covers in the bed next to you doing something energetic. Caption says, When you don't know the person in the bed next to you and you don't WANT to know what they're doing.

 Aren't YOU the lucky one! The people you're in bed with right now happen to be from the Freedom Clearinghouse. Their whole purpose is life is to help every American find a way HOME. Let's pack our bags and go visit them right now.


Cartoon shows a man seated at a tiny table, ready to eat. A dweeb in a uniform hands him a steaming, shrink-wrapped meal. The caption says, When your food is served as though you are on an airplane, but you're not on an airplane.

Cartoon shows you cowering in your bed as Big Nurse presents a huge hypodermic. Caption says, When someone bursts into your room and says How are WE today?

Cartoon shows you're at home now, prancing around with a horsie innertube at your waist and napoleon's hat on your head. Caption: You know you're HOME when you make your own damn rules.

*Scott Chambers, cartoonist and visionary, may be reached via email at Mouth bought the rights to use these cartoons first, but Scott holds the copyright to them. For reprint permissions on cartoons, address him directly. Neil Marcus is a playwright, collaborator, and friend.
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