The phone rings. Here we go again.

Adelaide in North Dakota
got my phone number from her daughter-in-law in Tennessee. She hears I help get people out of nursing homes. Her husband Del was discharged from the hospital into one of those non-homes after he had a fall. And since nursing homes know which side their bread is buttered on, they won't let him go home. So Adelaide goes to his bedside first thing every morning and stays with him all day to try to cheer him up, but after three weeks of watching Adelaide putting on her cheery-weary face for him, Del's made it clear. He wants to go home.

Now he's refused to eat another meal in that place. Not another bite. Adelaide says she will do ANYTHING ON EARTH to get him home again. "He's always been the stubborn one," she says. They've been married more than forty years. She knows he wouldn't say such a thing if he didn't mean it.
With the help of you can't imagine how many people around the country, we do manage to get him out -- while he's still alive. Since it takes so much effort from so many people to undo the harm done by one log-brained hospital discharge planner, I'd dearly love to call that little paper tyrant and threaten her with bodily harm. (She'd probably say she was only trying to help. Grrrr.)
So instead of calling her with a death threat, or kicking my dog, I indulge myself in phototerrorism. I scan in an old love comic and imagine a social worker who discovers, suddenly, that everything she knows is wrong. That's how Pamela Proactive came to life. There are hundreds of thousands of Pamelas out there. I can only dream that someday they will all wake up.

-- lucy gwin

love comic with Pamela Proactive

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