The Fire Will Not Go Out

a letter from Dolores King
to Mouth magazine after she had made her escape from the Columbia Green Long Term Care Facility in Catskill, NY


Dolores King is on fire. She is seen in the photo at left on her recent wedding day with husband Willis King. Before they married, the two were companions for more than twenty years. They served time together at the Columbia Green Long Term Care Facility in Catskill, NY.


I am out of prison -- the nursing home I was placed in for two years.


I fought with all I had. With paper, pen, stamps, envelopes, I wrote to the President of the United States, the Vice President, my congressmen, my state senators.


Plus I would disconnect the computers and throw away the plug in and outs. Same with the telephones. I would disconnect the cords, throw them away. They did not want to hear my voice. I made sure they heard no one else. I did this from one in the morning 'til five in the morning.


I had New York State Department of Health coming on surprise visits.

The administrator asked me, "Just what do you want?"

"Freedom of choice to go to my own apartment.



I would push medication trucks
out fire doors, open all fire doors from the first floor and the second floor.
I had a pair of scissors. I cut many wires -- one of the main wires to the electric doors so they stayed opened.



I would cut the water supply off.

I plugged all the toilets with plastic bags and toilet paper in the name of justice for all, against the abuse that goes on in nursing homes.



A fire has been started
and the fire will not go out until all prisoners are out of nursing homes.

Mrs. Dolores King
114 Jefferson Heights
Catskill, NY 12414


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This article is edited and reprinted from Mouth #48, the Fire Will Not Go Out issue.

Inspired by Mrs. King, Mouth published an article on nonviolent methods of assault on the powers that lock people away for the crime of disability. To see Glue Justice in action, click here.