"I sure hope they don't come around here to help us!"
-- B. Faw

But they nearly did.


 Since these big cartoons take a while to appear on your screen...
you might want to hear about the guy who created them, B. Faw.
Bruce was with Mouth from the beginning in 1990 until 1995.

Among other historic contributions, he took part in Mouth's consumer tests of "aversive therapies" -- tortures performed on kids with autism to get them to stop what are called "self-injurious behaviors." We had come by a list of theoretically harmless tortures performed on kids by helping professionals at the infamous Behavior Research Institute in Providence, Rhode Island.
Some of the easy and less painful ones we could do ourselves (see the list below). Others we couldn't because we didn't have the restraints, paddles, shock helmets and other devices B R I had adopted or invented.
B R I has since changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Center. [I'll bet they have a website! -- ed.] B R I has threatened to sue Mouth for gathering information about its practices. Worse, its director and his attorney threatened to visit the Mouthhouse. (That didn't even seem funny, after what we'd learned about B R I.)

We suggest you test some aversives yourself -- but only on someone who agrees to take part. (Note: They're not half as unpleasant when you do them to yourself as when someone does them to you.) They are even more effective when the recipient is blindfolded. (P.S. The tortures don't change anyone's behavior for long... unless the tortures escalate in pain and frequency.)

1. Place drops of hot pepper sauce under the tongue.
(we're not making this up)
2. Place the contacts of a fresh 9-volt battery on the offender's tongue.
3. Pinch two inches of flesh at the back of the offender's neck between your fingers. Now twist. Now hold.
4. Immerse the offender in a bathtub of cold tap water for twenty minutes. (The offender may breathe, but not move.)

Even in the name of scientific consumer reporting, neither consumer tester could last twenty minutes in that bathtub. Screaming didn't help.

And now, some completely unrelated cartoons....






comic 1

comic 2

These cartoons appeared in Mouth #28,
the Our Homes issue of July, 1994.

The cartoons were written and drawn by B. Faw.



Read Billy Golfus on the subject of Do-Gooders

One of our great friends in the disability rights movement, TASH, works to stop aversive therapies. Here's a link to their resolution on the subject.