Everything You Know Is Wrong,
Part Four

PABU... That's a cute name. But seriously. Aren't diagnostics important?


Diagnostics are, if you ask disability rights activists, one of the roots of all evil. They separate us from one another, making everyone with any kind of a disability feel "special" in their isolation rather than bringing us together to fight what all of us have in common.

And what's that? It's being labeled, exploited, incarcerated, insulted, ignored, and finally slapped off into perpetual poverty. But how could those terrible things happen when everyone knows how much care is lavished on the handicapped?

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This cartoon by Mike Brown appeared first in Mouth Magazine sometime in 1994, we think. Today Mike Brown is a serious painter, and even making a living at it (!), but back in 1993 he turned up at the Mouthhouse door with one zillion good ideas and a nonstop drawing arm. His dad Charlie has a label; that's how Mike knows.

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There's a very fine video, Vital Signs, where genuine freaks who are genuine artists say all this, only better. And one of them is naked and beautiful. It's in our Attitude Catalog Store. Click here to browse around.