We Hold These Truths

People who do not speak up will not be heard. — Mouth Magazine

We told a few readers. Here's our truth. What's yours? These pages hold their answers.



Disability is natural. — Kathie Snow

PHOTO OF AMANDA ZITTLE BY P. SUE KULLEN .I have learned that people value you less if you need help.... Be careful about thinking you are great because you are able to do things alone. Some day you will learn the hard lesson about independence. —— Sarah Nettleton

People who are crazy enough to think they can change
the world are the people who do it.

Apple Computer ad remembered byMike Finn


Do something!even if it's the wrong thing. — Bob Kafka


It is not better to be dead than to be disabled.



Worshiping the norm is dangerous. It stifles progress, smothers debate, and solidifies ignorance. Worship of the norm is at the root of violence and persecution. It is idolatry of the worst sort because it encourages cowardice of the mind. Difference, and its celebration, is perhaps the only path to a truly civil society.Dave Hingsburger

— Diane Coleman

Being different to is not equal to being sick. — Alice Berry

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we hold these truths
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