voice of the dis-labeled nation          volume 14     number 3    september/october 2003

Mouth #79 cover.what it is.


Hope you don't mind taking a few more misconceptions to the dump, because this Mouth trashes a bunch of them.

"People with autism are in a world of their own, and they like it that way." Dump that one first. And remember how facilitated communication was scientifically proven to be a fraud? That one, too.

Guest Editor Zach Rossetti and friends want us to know that even when hearts scream to be heard, anyone can be silenced — by special programs and separate classes, by charity and pity, by being forced to ride on "the retard bus," by the baby talk of bigotry. Non-communicators are "unable," one of them writes, "to touch the world and make a mark." Let them make their mark on your world, today.


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Quick Bites
Flashbacks to Justice


Harriet McBryd Johnson visits a land where there's Not Another Peep Out of You

Polly Medlicott and Chris Mueller-Medlicott Tell The World

Guest editor Zach Rossetti detects ableism in A Most Peculiar Controversy

Jamie Burke imagines 'helpers' fetching A Big Mac for the Martian

Scott Chambers notes that You Talk Too Much

People First advises us all to Speak UP!

Tyler Fihe climbs out of his monkey suit to Get a Word In

Jenn Seybert wants you to know it's tiring To Keep On Proving Myself

Eugene Marcus embraces Being Myself, Compulsively

James Meadours Tells the President

Marian West becomes A New Woman


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