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SAYS are Mouth's interviews with leaders and front-line advocates in the disability rights movement who say what they think, right out loud. We print them here in full. They're listed in no particular order. Click on the name of the someone you want to hear from. We guarantee they'll have something to say that's worth a listen.

Nat SAYS - Nat Hentoff is columnist and staff writer for the Village Voice, and also writes a column for the United Media News Syndicate which may appear in your local paper. He is considered an expert on freedom of speech.

"The way to get people to think is to catch them unawares."

Nat Hentoff

CANDACE SAYS - Candace Hawkins is a recovering bureaucrat who once oversaw ADA implementation in her state, Missouri. Today she is the national organizer for Freedom Clearinghouse. She helped organize the successful implementation of the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision in Missouri, the first state to have put that decision into its own law.

"The money must now follow the person being served to the place where they choose to be served. It's a huge change."


Candace Hawkins

VICKI SAYS - Vicki Wieselthier is the founder of MadNation, an advocate who puts the pedal to the medal, pushing all of us ahead.

"If it isn't voluntary, it isn't treatment. Treatment is like sex. It has to be consensual."

Vicki Wieselthier

AJ SAYS - Alene Jensen is a true blue radical, working on the front lines of human services to make them respond to real people.

"I don't have a visible disability, and I'm living on my own. But the minute I would need help, then people will come in and start saying, 'She's not making good choices.'"

Alene Jensen under arrest