Chris Reeve Launches Rent-A-Head Venture


Photo, Chris Reeve's head on a bear.

Chris Reeve, a 47-year-old former Superman who is totally paralyzed from the politically correct lobe down, followed the Superbowl debut of his first Rent-A-Head endorsement with the announcement that he will now rent the head for feature-length films. Shown above with fellow supporting actor Average Bear, the head announced that his next feature film will be a remake of "Grizzly Adams."

What then? Reeve publicist Pamela Poobah denied rumors that Reeve would take an alien role in "Aliens, Not Again." He is, she says, looking at a number of "promising vehicles."

Stay tuned as we test drive them from time to time.

To read a fuller discussion of Reeve's Superbowl ad in Ragged Edge Magazine, click here.

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